April 9, 2013

Music of Ursula Mamlok, Volume 4

** 2020 GRAMMY NOMINATION ** Jesse's third recording with Boston Early Music Festival, on which he sings the roles of Comus in Les Plaisirs de Versailles and La Discorde in Les Arts Florissants. Recorded January 2019 in Bremen, Germany.


Disc One

1) Rotations: I. Andante con moto
2) Rotations: II. As From Afar
3) Rotations: III. Sehr ruhig
4) Zwei Klavierstücke: I. Inward Journey
5) Zwei Klavierstücke: II. In High Spirits
6) Four German Songs: I. Über die Felder
7) Four German Songs: II. September
8) Four German Songs: III. Schmetterling
9) Four German Songs: IV. Nachtgefühl
10) Aphorisms I: I. Andante
11) Aphorisms I: II. Sehr langsam
12) Aphorisms I: III. Presto
13) Aphorisms I: IV. Schnell
14) Aphorisms I: V. Larghetto
15) Aphorisms II: I. Andante con moto
16) Aphorisms II: II. Adagio
17) Aphorisms II: III. Quarter note = 76
18) Aphorisms II: IV. Largo, Dreamy
19) Aphorisms II: V. Allegro molto
20) Aphorisms II: VI. Lamentoso
21) Composition for Cello: I. Broadly
22) Composition for Cello: II. Capricious
23) Composition for Cello: III. With tenderness
24) Composition for Cello: IV. With energy
25) Three Bagatelles: I. Grazioso
26) Three Bagatelles: II. Very calm
27) Three Bagatelles: III. Playful
28) Grasshoppers: I. Sunday Walk
29) Grasshoppers: II. Night Serenade
30) Grasshoppers: III. In the Rain
31) Grasshoppers: IV. Minuet
32) Grasshoppers: V. In the Army
33) Grasshoppers: VI. Hurrying Home
34) Three Part Fugue in A Minor

Disc Two

1) Sonatina: I. Allegretto grazioso
2) Sonatina: II. Lento semplice
3) Sonatina: III. Rondo: Vivo, scherzando
4) Rhapsody
5) Concert Piece for 4: I. Capricious
6) Concert Piece for 4: II. Very calm
7) Concert Piece for 4: III. In high spirits
8) Movements: I. With plasticity
9) Movements: II. Veiled
10) Movements: III. Exuberant
11) Divertimento: I. Toccata
12) Divertimento: II. Refrains
13) Divertimento: III. Variations
14) Divertimento: IV. Epilogue
15) Variations and Interludes: I. Quarter-note = 56
16) Variations and Interludes: Interlude I
17) Variations and Interludes: II. Quarter-note = 80
18) Variations and Interludes: Interlude II
19) Variations and Interludes: III. As fast as possible
20) Variations and Interludes: Interlude III
21) Variations and Interludes: IV. Quarter-note = 120
22) Variations and Interludes: Interlude IV
23) Variations and Interludes: V. Quarter-note = 56
24) Concerto for oboe, two pianos and percussion: I. Half-note = 100
25) Concerto for oboe, two pianos and percussion: II. Dirge
26) Concerto for oboe, two pianos and percussion: III. Rondo