April 9, 2013

Music of Ursula Mamlok, Volume 4

Jesse sings the role of Raymondo in Handel's Almira with Boston Early Music Festival. Recorded January 2018 in Bremen, Germany for CPO.


Disc One

1) Rotations: I. Andante con moto
2) Rotations: II. As From Afar
3) Rotations: III. Sehr ruhig
4) Zwei Klavierstücke: I. Inward Journey
5) Zwei Klavierstücke: II. In High Spirits
6) Four German Songs: I. Über die Felder
7) Four German Songs: II. September
8) Four German Songs: III. Schmetterling
9) Four German Songs: IV. Nachtgefühl
10) Aphorisms I: I. Andante
11) Aphorisms I: II. Sehr langsam
12) Aphorisms I: III. Presto
13) Aphorisms I: IV. Schnell
14) Aphorisms I: V. Larghetto
15) Aphorisms II: I. Andante con moto
16) Aphorisms II: II. Adagio
17) Aphorisms II: III. Quarter note = 76
18) Aphorisms II: IV. Largo, Dreamy
19) Aphorisms II: V. Allegro molto
20) Aphorisms II: VI. Lamentoso
21) Composition for Cello: I. Broadly
22) Composition for Cello: II. Capricious
23) Composition for Cello: III. With tenderness
24) Composition for Cello: IV. With energy
25) Three Bagatelles: I. Grazioso
26) Three Bagatelles: II. Very calm
27) Three Bagatelles: III. Playful
28) Grasshoppers: I. Sunday Walk
29) Grasshoppers: II. Night Serenade
30) Grasshoppers: III. In the Rain
31) Grasshoppers: IV. Minuet
32) Grasshoppers: V. In the Army
33) Grasshoppers: VI. Hurrying Home
34) Three Part Fugue in A Minor

Disc Two

1) Sonatina: I. Allegretto grazioso
2) Sonatina: II. Lento semplice
3) Sonatina: III. Rondo: Vivo, scherzando
4) Rhapsody
5) Concert Piece for 4: I. Capricious
6) Concert Piece for 4: II. Very calm
7) Concert Piece for 4: III. In high spirits
8) Movements: I. With plasticity
9) Movements: II. Veiled
10) Movements: III. Exuberant
11) Divertimento: I. Toccata
12) Divertimento: II. Refrains
13) Divertimento: III. Variations
14) Divertimento: IV. Epilogue
15) Variations and Interludes: I. Quarter-note = 56
16) Variations and Interludes: Interlude I
17) Variations and Interludes: II. Quarter-note = 80
18) Variations and Interludes: Interlude II
19) Variations and Interludes: III. As fast as possible
20) Variations and Interludes: Interlude III
21) Variations and Interludes: IV. Quarter-note = 120
22) Variations and Interludes: Interlude IV
23) Variations and Interludes: V. Quarter-note = 56
24) Concerto for oboe, two pianos and percussion: I. Half-note = 100
25) Concerto for oboe, two pianos and percussion: II. Dirge
26) Concerto for oboe, two pianos and percussion: III. Rondo