January 9, 2012

Five Borough Songbook

Jesse sings the role of Raymondo in Handel's Almira with Boston Early Music Festival. Recorded January 2018 in Bremen, Germany for CPO.


Disc One

1) O City of Ships
2) F From Dumbo
3) Breakfast in New York
4) The City's Love
5) Rapid Transit
6) Coney Island Avenue
7) On Leaving Brooklyn
8) OuLiPo in the Bronx
9) Fresh Kills
10) G is for Grimy

Disc Two

1) City of Orgies, Walks, and Joys!
2) Refugee Blues
3) The Avenue (II)
4) Days afield on Staten Island
5) The New Yorkers
6) Looking West on a Humid Summer Evening
7) At Home in Staten Island
8) 8:46 AM, Five Years Later
9) Secret Assignation
10) The Center of the Universe